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Unveiling the Cost of African Safari Adventures in 2024

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Explore the factors that define the cost of African safari trips, from luxurious lodges to budget-friendly camps and game drives.

Are you dreaming of embarking on an African safari adventure? Before you start packing your bags, it’s essential to understand the costs associated with this once-in-a-lifetime experience. African safaris offer a unique and awe-inspiring opportunity to experience the continent’s diverse wildlife and rich cultural heritage. However, the cost of such an adventure can vary widely depending on various factors.

We often find it frustrating and intimidating to look at safari operators’ websites when one of the first questions asked is, “What is your budget?” However, it’s essential to understand that safaris can cater for every end of the market. We regularly go on safari for a weekend, a night, or for as long as a month or so.  Understanding the expectations and parameters, including how much you can spend, is essential. We believe safari should not be a once-in-a-lifetime experience but should be experienced repeatedly. If you want to discover how to do a high-end budget safari, then keep reading!

Key Takeaways

  • The cost of African safaris can vary widely depending on several factors, including the type of safari, accommodations, and safari destination.
  • Travelers looking for budget-friendly options can consider less expensive destinations like East Africa and opt for camping or self-drive safaris.
  • Lodges, camps, and resorts provide different levels of luxury with corresponding costs and can impact the overall safari expenses.
  • The cost of game drivespark feessafari activities, and the length of the trip can also affect the overall safaricost.
  • Booking with local African companies and travelling in off-peak seasons can help travellers save money on African safaris.

Types of African Safaris and Their Costs

When planning your African safari adventure, there are various types of safaris, varying from budget-friendly options to luxury experiences. It is essential to note that the cost of every kind of safari differs significantly depending on the destination, accommodation, and activities offered.

To ensure a budget-friendly African safari, consider self-drive safaris, camping safaris, or classic game drives. For a low-cost African safari, consider tours offering group options, as this cuts costs. For travellers seeking the best budget African safari, opting for a customised itinerary that meets your needs and budget is crucial. These options allow travellers to enjoy various activities without breaking the bank.

On the other hand, travellers looking for luxury African safari experiences can expect to pay premium prices. These safaris typically include tailored itineraries, luxury transportation, gourmet cuisine, and other exclusive perks. For those seeking a budget-friendly African safari, consider a combination of low-cost options, such as camping or self-drive safaris, with a luxurious night or two at a safari lodge.

Type of SafariCost Range
Budget-Friendly Safari$100 – $250 per day
Mid-Range Safari$250 – $500 per day
Luxury Safari$500 – $1,000+ per day

I want to point out that these figures are rough estimates and differ depending on the destination, season, and selected tour operator.

To enjoy a budget-friendly African safari, plan your trip during the shoulder seasons – between the peak and off-peak periods. The low-volume periods generally offer safari tours at affordable prices because there is less demand. Additionally, local African safari companies are more affordable as they offer lower overheads for the same experiences, with only the difference in support.

To sum up, there are various African safari options with unique offerings at different prices. Tailored and personalised safaris are an excellent way of experiencing Africa while keeping your budget in check. Lastly, booking in advance and choosing a local African company is one of the best ways to save money on African safaris.

Choosing the Right Safari Destination for Your Budget

When planning an African safari adventure, choosing the right safari destination is crucial to managing the trip’s overall cost. Depending on the region, safari prices can vary, with popular destinations having higher price tags than others.

Some popular safari destinations include South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania. South Africa has a reputation for offering affordable safari options. At the same time, Kenya and Tanzania are known for their expansive national parks and wildlife reserves, where travellers can witness some of the world’s most incredible wildlife sightings.

Safari DestinationAverage Cost
South AfricaAffordable (starting from $150 per person per night)
KenyaModerate (starting from $300 per person per night)
TanzaniaExpensive (starting from $500 per person per night)

While Tanzania might be more expensive than other countries, it offers some of the best safari experiences, including the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater. Kenya is known for its Maasai Mara National Reserve, where millions of wildebeests cross the Mara River during their annual migration. At the same time, South Africa offers the opportunity to combine a safari with other vacation activities, like wine tasting and historical tours.

Choosing an affordable safari destination does not mean sacrificing the quality of the experience. Exploring less popular destinations allows travellers to find more affordable safari options that deliver just as much adventure and wildlife sightings. For example, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana are becoming affordable safari destinations.

Selecting the right safari destination for your budget requires careful planning and research. While expensive destinations like Tanzania might be out of reach for some travellers, plenty of affordable safari destinations offer unforgettable experiences.

Accommodation Options and Their Impact on Safari Costs

When planning an African safari, choosing suitable accommodation is a crucial decision that can significantly affect the trip’s overall cost. There are various options, including lodges, camps, and luxury resorts, each with different price points and experiences.

Lodges are the most popular type of accommodation on safari. They offer comfortable rooms, often with en-suite bathrooms, and are generally situated in beautiful locations with stunning views of the surrounding nature and wildlife. Prices for lodges can vary widely, from budget-friendly options to high-end luxury safari lodges that offer exclusive experiences only available to a select few.

Camps, on the other hand, offer a more authentic safari experience. They are usually smaller and more rustic than lodges, with tents or treehouses instead of traditional hotel rooms. Camps are also more affordable than lodges, making them an excellent option for budget-friendly African safaris.

Finally, luxury resorts are the most extravagant accommodation options and can provide the ultimate safari experience. These exclusive lodges offer unparalleled service, gourmet dining, and spa treatments that make for a truly indulgent getaway. However, such luxury safari lodges come with a hefty price tag, making them only suitable for those who can afford it.

To find the best accommodation option for your budget, consider researching and looking at other travellers’ reviews. Booking through a local African safari operator can often lead to better value, as they have insider knowledge of the best deals and budget-friendly options. Also, booking during the off-season can help you save money while experiencing the wonders of an African safari.

Factors Affecting Safari Costs

Planning an African safari adventure requires considering various factors that impact the overall cost. These factors include:

Game Drives

Game drives are one of the most popular safari activities. Their costs vary depending on the number of drives included in the safari itinerary. The more game drives offered, the higher the price of the safari. However, game drives are a must-have experience during a safari and worth budgeting.

Safari Guide

The expertise of a safari guide can impact the cost of a safari. A professional safari guide with extensive knowledge and experience will cost more than a less experienced guide but can enhance the overall experience.

Safari Vehicle

The type of safari vehicle used during a safari can also affect costs. A private car for a solo traveller or small group will be more expensive than a larger shared vehicle. However, a private vehicle offers more flexibility and could be a more comfortable option for travellers.

Park Fees

Park fees vary depending on the destination and the length of the safari. These fees range from conservation fees to park entry fees. It is essential to budget for these fees as they can have a significant impact on the overall cost of a safari.

Our view is that many people complain about the high cost of Park Fees – but we have never complained about them in our lives.  The cost of upkeep, maintaining the game, conservation and anti-poaching is incredibly high, and most reserves understand that the most sensitive approach is lower footfall and higher quality travellers. This means that in most southern African safari countries, you will find solitude and won’t be overwhelmed with vehicles and people at every game sighting.  International Fees indeed put the cost to go or the price of your African safari up, but whenever else will you get the opportunity to see the great wildebeest migration, trekking safari or dream safari?

Length of Your Safari

The length of a safari can also affect the overall price. Longer safaris with more activities and game drives will cost more than shorter safaris with fewer activities. It is important to note that a longer safari could be more fulfilling as it offers more opportunities to encounter wildlife. And you can make your holiday about more than one African safari destination.  Areas such as southern African countries are incredibly easy to navigate between, so you might start on a Botswanasafari, the birthplace of safari, and choose to self-drive to get maximum exposure but keep the cost if your trip relatively low, then move on to Zimbabwe for a perfect African safari on the Zambezi River, perhaps treating yourself to a good value private safari Lodge in the Zambezi National Park.

Safari Activities

In addition to game drives in an open safari vehicle, other safari activities can increase the trip’s cost, including bush walks, hot air balloon rides, and cultural visits. These activities provide unique experiences that must be noticed and, therefore, worth budgeting for.  But they also vary considerably by African countries.  For example, when you are in Cape Town or Victoria Falls, expect helicopter rides, which are not cheap!

Safari Expenses

Other expenses to consider when planning a safari adventure include accommodation, meals, and transportation costs. Budget-friendly options such as camping and self-drive safaris can help reduce these expenses.

Tailor-Made Safaris and Their Pricing

Tailor-made safaris are a great way to design a safari package that fits your budget and travel preferences. This type of safari allows you to customise your itinerary, accommodations, and experiences tailored to your needs. Local African companies offer tailor-made safaris, providing personalised services and excellent prices that fit every traveller’s budget.

Safari packages: Safari packages are designed to provide travellers with a hassle-free experience, including accommodation, transportation, and safari activities. They can be tailored to fit specific budgets and preferences.

Guided safaris: Guided safaris guarantee first-class treatment, with experienced safari guides leading small groups of travellers on exclusive game drives. Prices for guided safaris vary, depending on the length of the safari, the number of guests, and the type of accommodation included.

Safari itineraries: Safari itineraries can be designed to fit every traveller’s needs, different budgets, and wishes. You can decide which safari parks to visit, the length of your stay, and the level of accommodation you want.

Local African companies: Booking with local African companies will enable you to enjoy more economical African safari expenses. These companies have lower overhead costs, which translates to better travel prices.

Safari PackageGuided Safari
Accommodation, transportation, and safari activities are included in the packageExclusive game drives with experienced guides.
Can be tailored to fit specific budgets and preferencesPrices vary, depending on the length of the safari, the number of guests, and the type of accommodation included
Personalised services provided by local African companiesGuaranteed first-class treatment.

Please research and compare prices from different providers to ensure you get the best safari price. You can contribute to sustainable tourism practices and support local economies by partnering with local African companies.

Tips for Saving Money on African Safaris

Going on an African safari can be an unforgettable experience but can also come with a price tag. However, some practical tips and strategies can help you save money on your safari adventure and make it more affordable without compromising the quality of the experience. Here are some critical suggestions for cutting costs:

Book During Off-Peak Seasons

One way to save money on an African safari is to book your trip during the off-peak season when prices are generally lower. Generally, the high season for safaris in East Africa is from June to September and from December to February, while the low season is from April to May and from November to mid-December. In Southern Africa, the high season is from July to October, while the low season is from November to March.

Take Advantage of Discounted Offers

Many safari operators offer discounted rates for early or last-minute bookings and group bookings. Please check online or contact local tour operators to see if any deals work for your travel plans. Remember to compare prices and make sure you are getting the best deal.

Choose Affordable Safari Destinations

Some safari destinations are cheaper than others. While famous destinations such as Maasai Mara and Serengeti National Park are a must-visit experience, they can be expensive. Consider other affordable destinations such as South Africa’s Kruger National Park, Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, and Tanzania’s Selous Game Reserve.

Opt for Budget-Friendly Safari Accommodations

When selecting accommodation, consider budget-friendly options such as campsites and guesthouses. These can be more affordable than luxury lodges and offer a unique experience with closer contact with the wildlife. Consider booking accommodation on a bed-and-breakfast basis, allowing you to save on meal expenses.

Choose Local African Tour Operators

Using local African companies can be more economical than going through international operators and provide more authentic and personalised experiences. They can often offer more affordable rates for transport, park fees and guiding services, which will further help to reduce the overall cost of your safari trip.

With these tips, it can be possible to enjoy an affordable African safari experience without breaking the bank. Proper consideration of the above tips can help reduce expenses while giving you an unforgettable experience.

Understanding the Overall Cost of an African Safari

Planning an African safari adventure requires careful consideration of all the costs involved. The overall cost of a safari will depend on various factors, ranging from airfare, accommodation, park fees, and safari activities.

Upfront Expenses:

The cost of African safaris may vary based on the season, destination, and type of safari selected. Accommodation expenses will likely be the most significant upfront cost, as these can range from budget-friendly to luxurious options. Flights to and from Africa may also add to the overall cost. However, booking in advance and working with a reputable tour operator may help you find the best deals for flights and accommodations.

Additional Costs:

Once you arrive in Africa, additional expenses may be considered, such as park entry fees, conservation fees, and safari excursions. Budgeting for these other expenses is essential to enjoy the safari experience without any financial surprises.

Expense CategoryAverage Cost
Accommodation$100-$1000 per night, depending on the level of luxury
Flights$500-$3000 depending on departure point and season
Park Fees$20-$100 per day per person
Safari Activities$50-$500 per activity

By understanding the overall cost of an African safari, travellers can plan and budget for their trip more effectively. Booking with a reputable African tour operator, choosing the right safari destination and type, and planning are just a few ways to save money and experience a memorable safari adventure without overspending.


Planning an African safari adventure can be an exhilarating experience, but it can also be overwhelming, especially when determining the cost. Travellers can make informed decisions and budget accordingly by considering how they contribute to the overall expense, such as accommodation, safari type, destination, and activities factors that co.

When researching options, travellers should also keep in mind that affordable safari experiences still offer a high level of quality and adventure. Tailor-made safaris that work with local African companies can often provide the best value for money, and by booking during off-peak seasons, travellers can take advantage of reduced prices.

Understanding the overall cost of an African safari and planning for additional expenses such as flights, visas, and vaccines can help avoid unexpected costs that disrupt the trip. Ultimately, by taking the time to research and budget appropriately, travellers can enjoy a memorable and life-changing African safari adventure without experiencing financial stress.


What factors determine the cost of an African safari?

The cost of an African safari can vary depending on factors such as the type of safari, accommodation options, chosen destination, activities included, and the length of the safari.

What are the different types of African safaris and their costs?

African safaris can range from budget-friendly options to luxury experiences. The costs associated with each type of safari depend on the level of accommodations, services provided, and the activities included.

How does the choice of safari destination affect the cost?

The choice of safari destination can impact the overall cost due to variations in park fees, accommodations, and transportation. Popular safari destinations like South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania offer a range of affordable options.

How does the choice of accommodation affect the cost of a safari?

The choice of accommodation, such as lodges, camps, or luxury resorts, can significantly impact the cost of a safari. Luxury safari lodges are more expensive, while budget-friendly options provide affordable alternatives.

What factors can affect safari costs?

Factors that can affect safari costs include game drives, park fees, safari activities, the expertise and services of a safari guide, the type of safari vehicle used, and the length of the safari.

How do tailor-made safaris work, and what is their pricing?

Tailor-made safaris are customised to fit individual preferences and budgets. Pricing varies depending on the level of accommodation, the number of activities included, and the duration of the safari. Booking with local African companies can often offer more affordable options.

What are some tips for saving money on African safaris?

To save money on African safaris, consider booking during off-peak seasons, taking advantage of discounted offers, and comparing prices from different safari companies. Planning and being flexible with travel dates can help secure affordable prices.

What is the overall cost of an African safari?

The overall cost of an African safari includes upfront expenses like flights and accommodation and additional costs for park fees, activities, meals, and transportation. The specific price will depend on individual preferences and the chosen safari itinerary.

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