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Welcome to Africaproof: All the Essential Information You Need for Adventure Travel in Africa

Immerse yourself in our comprehensive African adventure travel guides, loaded with tips & tricks, insider secrets and personal adventure narratives – all hosted on this platform. We review the quintessential products, immersive experiences, reliable services and comfortable accommodations, providing up-to-date, accurate news and information for adventure travel in Africa.

All the Information You Need to Survive an African Adventure

Read our Destination Guides, Tips & Tricks, Travel Secrets and follow our own Adventures all on this site. We review must-have products, experiences, services and accommodation providing accurate and up-to-date news.


We cover some of Africa’s most sought-after destinations for adventure travel, providing comprehensive guides to help you start planning your African adventure. From the towering dunes of Namibia to the lush wildlife of the Serengeti, we’ve got you covered.


Get up-to-date information on adventurous routes, border crossings, and health-related travel information crucial for your journey across Africa. Whether it’s overland travel tips, the best scenic routes or advice on visa applications, we aim to facilitate smooth African adventure travel experiences.


Read our in-depth reviews of local African restaurants, adrenaline-packed activities, vibrant cultural events, and authentic arts and crafts. As part of your adventure travel in Africa, we want you to truly experience the diversity and richness of African cultures, cuisines, and landscapes.

With us, you’ll get to understand what adventure travel in Africa truly entails, from preparations to the unique experiences that await you in this beautiful and diverse continent.

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Start planning your adventurous trip by identifying the destinations that you want to visit with our African Travel Guides.


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