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Ultimate Safari Accommodation in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

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Immerse yourself in an authentic African safari at Hwange National Park. Discover the perfect accommodation for an unforgettable adventure in Zimbabwe.

For those yearning for the quintessential African safari experience, Hwange National Park, with its verdant landscape and untamed wildlife, promises an excursion into the heart of Zimbabwe’s natural splendour. Among the most revered destinations within this remarkable reserve is Hideaways Nantwich Lodge, a sanctuary of tranquillity and luxury that has earned its place as one of the top lodges in the region.

Ranking impressively as #7 out of 14 lodges in Hwange National Park based on traveller reviews, this esteemed safari lodge draws adventurers eager to immerse themselves in an authentic encounter with Zimbabwe’s wilderness. With a commitment to preserving the park’s historic and natural heritage, guests are treated to extraordinary views of resident crocodiles and hippos from a vantage point high on a bluff, providing a backdrop for a truly immersive safari.

Awarded the Travellers’ Choice accolade by Tripadvisor, Nantwich Lodge offers superior service and amenities, including complimentary breakfast and airport transportation, and boasts additional luxuries such as an infinity pool and a poolside bar. The accommodation at Hwange National Park couples rustic charm with modern comforts, as rooms are luxuriantly appointed with interconnected options, private balconies, and all the conveniences discerning guests expect from a premium safari camp in Zimbabwe.

A mere safari camp in name, Hideaways Nantwich Lodge transcends expectations, laying forth a tapestry of memorable experiences heightened by the warm embrace of Zimbabwean hospitality. It is the cradle of the best safari moments, made eminent amongst the best hotels in Hwange National.

Key Takeaways

  • Hideaways Nantwich Lodge is a sought-after accommodation at Hwange National Park, offering an intimate safari experience.
  • Voted #7 by travellers, this safari lodge exemplifies luxury and a strong ethos for conservation.
  • The lodge provides exceptional amenities, including free internet and a pool with a view.
  • Room features include a private balcony and safe bathrobes catering to guest comfort.
  • Accessibility is seamless, with proximity to Victoria Falls Airport and car hire services available.
  • Guests enjoy a Travellers’ Choice accommodation, reflecting among the best hotels in Hwange National.
  • A commitment to eco-friendly practices aligns the lodge with the finest safari camps in Hwange National.
Uber Luxury Lodges in Hwange
Enjoy Uber-luxury with captivating surroundings

Why Choose Hwange National Park for Your Safari Adventure?

Hwange National Park symbolises the African wilderness in the northwest corner of Zimbabwe. Its unmatched reputation for being one of the most wildlife-rich sanctuaries makes it a must-visit for any enthusiast intent on a classic safari adventure.

As Zimbabwe’s largest national park and a mere stone’s throw from the renowned Victoria Falls, Hwange promises an array of enchanting wildlife sightings and soul-stirring natural scenes.

Delights of Hwange National Park

When you explore the park, you are not merely visiting a place; you’re stepping into a diverse ecosystem teeming with life and untouched landscapes. From dense teak forests to vast savannahs, every corner of northern Hwange offers a poignant connection with nature’s untapped beauty.

The Wildlife Experience in Hwange

A visit to Hwange National Park is synonymous with unforgettable wildlife encounters. It’s a domain where the mighty elephant roams with quiet dignity, and the elusive leopard prowls in the shadowy underbrush. As you embark on a game drive, brace yourself for those moments when time stands still and you find yourself within arm’s reach of Africa’s thriving fauna.

Main Camp: Gateway to Hwange National Park

The Main Camp is the central hub and park entrance, beckoning travellers with its promise of wonder. It’s more than just a logistical starting point; it’s where narratives unfold as adventurers convene by the campfire, swapping tales of the day’s escapades and the mesmerising wildlife they’ve encountered.

Exciting Game Drives in Hwange

Roaring engines against the backdrop of silence, the sport of tracking footprints, the thrill of anticipation – the sensations defining a game drive through Hwange. Led by seasoned guides, these excursions invite you to witness a world where wildlife is the unchallenged sovereign, and every sighting is a gift from the wild.

Hippos in the lodge watering hole in the evening
Hippos in the lodge watering hole in the evening

Experiencing Zimbabwe’s Breathtaking Wilderness

Finally, to immerse oneself in the full breadth of Hwange’s allure, venture into its more secluded reaches, where one can truly marvel at the park’s grandeur. Nature walks, nocturnal safaris, and hidden observation hides offer profound interactions with the bush, laying bare the essence of an untouched Zimbabwe.

The allure of Hwange National Park lies in its raw, palpable connection with the environment – a rare opportunity to live the African safari dream. With each sunrise and sunset painted across the horizon, the call of the wild echoes, inviting the soul to wander, to discover, and ultimately, to cherish.

Your Best Options for Lodges in Hwange National Park

Embarking on a safari in the illustrious Hwange National Park is a dream for many natural world enthusiasts. The lodges dotted across this vibrant landscape provide more than just shelter; they are bastions of comfort and luxury amidst the wild. Let us explore why choosing a high-quality safari lodge enhances the overall experience, delve into the best lodging options available, and understand the nuances behind their esteemed ratings.

Why Opt for a Safari Lodge in Hwange National Park?

Opting for a safari lodge in Hwange National Park affords guests a seamless blend of an authentic safari experience with the added plush comforts of luxury accommodation. Ideally positioned within private reserves or concessions, these lodges are pivotal points for exploring the park’s natural wonders. Moreover, service excellence and attention to eco-friendly practices underline the ethos of the best Hwange National Park lodges.

An Overview of the Best Lodges in Hwange

Amongst the revered sanctuaries of comfort and elegance, Somalisa Camp shines as a crown jewel of the lodges in Hwange. This award-winning tented refuge is embraced by a private concession, humbling visitors with close encounters with the majestic elephants and a myriad of other wildlife species. Little Makalolo follows suit, promising an equally exceptional lodging and safari experience tailored to suit the most discerning traveller.

Understanding Ratings of Hwange National Park Lodges

Ratings are pivotal in steering visitors towards the most suitable accommodations, encapsulating the tangibles and intangibles of stays. Factors such as location, wildlife engagement opportunities, guest service, and amenity sophistication are weaved into each rating. These ratings distinguish what constitutes the best Hwange National Park lodges.

Nehimba: A Luxury Lodge in the Heart of Hwange

Famed for its aura of exclusivity and strategic siting, Nehimba Lodge is a luxury safari haven. Situated near busy waterholes, it grants unbeatable observational prospects of the park’s thriving animal activity—an indelible imprint on the hearts and minds of its guests.

Little Makalolo: Exceptional Lodging and Safari Experience

For travellers yearning for the quintessence of safari experience, Little Makalolo is synonymous with authenticity. Here, connectedness with nature is fostered through game drives and walking safaris, framed by the lodge’s strategic placement amidst Hwange’s wild grandeur. Guests leave with memories and a profound appreciation for the intricate tapestry of life within the park.

Lodge NameLocationUnique Selling Points
Somalisa CampPrivate concession in HwangeIntimate wildlife encounters, eco-friendly tented accommodation
Little MakaloloCentral to Hwange’s wildlife areasAuthentic safari lodgings, enriching game viewing
Nehimba LodgeNear active waterholesLuxury amenity provision, strategic for wildlife observation

In conclusion, those who choose to reside in these storied lodgings within Hwange National Park will find themselves ideally positioned to witness and partake in the myriad wonders of an authentic safari. Here, amongst the untouched expanses of Zimbabwe’s largest reserve, the essence of the wild is not just seen—but profoundly felt.

Immersing in Real Safari Experience: Camps in Hwange National Park

For those with a spirit of adventure and a yearning for the untamed, the safari camps in Hwange National Park present a sanctuary where luxury meets the wild. Each camp offers an authentic safari experience, weaving memories one cannot simply glean from books or screens.

Stunning sunsets and only wildlife around
Stunning sunsets and only wildlife around

Choosing the Best Safari Camp in Hwange

The choice of a safari camp in Hwange is pivotal to your experience. Visitors look for a blend of comfort, accessibility, and opportunities to engage with Zimbabwe’s rich tapestry of wildlife. Factors such as location within the park, the openness to the bush, and the standard of guiding are significant considerations.

Tented Camp: The Ultimate Safari Experience

The quintessential tented safari camp epitomises the classic African adventure. Imagine waking up to the sound of the African bush, secure in your tent, harmoniously blending into the surroundings. It’s about being one with nature without compromising comfort: crisp linen, secluded private views, and en-suite facilities.

A Safari Glimpse into Bomani and Camp Hwange

Bomani and Camp Hwange are examples of safari camps offering immersive experiences. Both provide front-row seats to the rich pageantry of the bush, where every sunrise brings forth a day of potential and every sunset reflects on the day’s discoveries.

Experience Luxury in the Wilderness: Somalisa Camp

At Somalisa Camp, luxury is redefined. Nestled in a private concession, this camp in Hwange National Park offers elegantly designed tents set against the backdrop of the African savannah, providing a luxurious base from which to explore the wilderness.

Private Concession: A Unique Safari Experience

Private concessions like Khulu Bush Camp afford an exclusive safari experience, where the landscapes of Hwange become the domain of the few. These areas safeguard guest privacy and often boast stellar wildlife sightings away from the mainstream areas.

Close to Nature: Hwange’s Bush Camps

Bush camps like Hwange’s are intimately sized and located in the more remote parts of the park, promising an authentic safari experience where the rhythm of nature dictates the pace. Guest tents are often positioned for the prime vantage of the surrounding wildlife activity.

Discovering Hwange Bush Camp

Hwange Bush Camp delivers a personal and unfiltered connection with the African bush. Its situation in the park’s wild spaces permits guests to engage actively with their environment, watching as it unfolds before their eyes.

Khulu Bush Camp: Experiencing Luxury in the Bush

Representing the pinnacle of bush luxury, Khulu Bush Camp provides an escape where the elegance of accommodation and the raw energy of wildlife collide. It’s an oasis that caters to the discerning traveller seeking tranquillity and awe-inspiring wildlife encounters.

Witness the Herd Up Close at the Sable Tent

For an encounter with the majestic beasts of Hwange, the Sable Tent at some of the safari camps in Hwange National Park offers unparalleled proximity to wildlife. Here, one may dwell among elephants and lions in a respectful and breathtaking intimacy.

Thus, from the seclusion of a private hide to the gentle flicker of a lantern outside a luxury tent, Hwange’s safari camps strive to provide a stay and an unforgettable narrative set in one of Africa’s great wildernesses. The sense of connection, the authentic safari experience, beckons travellers to this corner of Zimbabwe and will resonate with them long after their departure.

National Parks’ Part of Hwange: A Nature’s Hideaway

Embedded within the wildlife-rich expanses of Zimbabwe’s largest national park, visitors to Hwange National Park are treated to scenes that capture the essence of an untamed Africa. The central part of the park, known for its biodiversity, stands as a testament to the thriving ecosystems that characterise this game park. Here, the unrivalled beauty of nature plays out in daily dramas at every busy waterhole and across every horizon.

Perfect relaxation in Hwange - away from the crowds
Perfect relaxation in Hwange – away from the crowds

Enjoy Wildlife Sightings at Busy Waterhole

In the heart of Hwange National Park, the waterholes are not merely sources of sustenance for the wildlife but are the stage for some of the park’s most captivating spectacles. From the smallest antelope to the most formidable members of the African big game, herds gather in a peaceful coexistence rarely observed elsewhere. In these park sections, one can find the best game viewing opportunities as animals navigate the African scrub and grasslands, moving rhythmically to the ancient pulse of survival.

Areas like Nehimba are mainly known for their waterholes, where visitors can frequently spot large herds of elephants. Such scenes are symbolic of the park’s role as a sanctuary. The game serves as a bastion of protection for these majestic creatures, allowing them to exist as they have for millennia, largely undisturbed in their natural habitat.

Lodges and camps within this park section pride themselves on their strategic placement, affording guests an intimate view of these wildlife gatherings. Having a meal or enjoying a refreshing dip in an outdoor pool while a herd of elephants or sable antelope passes by is a surreal experience connecting one to Hwange National Park’s pulsating heart.

The national parks forming part of Hwange are crucial in preserving this enchanting wilderness for future generations. As guardians of this heritage, Hwange’s lodges and camps provide luxurious accommodation and ensure that each visit contributes to the sustainable stewardship of a wildlife-rich region that stands as one of Africa’s greatest natural treasures.

Most Convenient Accommodation Near Hwange Airport

Positioned for accessibility and convenience, a selection of comfortable lodgings awaits travellers at Hwange Airport. These hospitable retreats provide the perfect preamble to an adventure in Zimbabwe’s largest national park. With seamless transitions from arrival gates to game drives, the nearby accommodation ensures you maximise your time enveloped in the natural beauty of Hwange National Park. Here we explore the distinct advantages of choosing a stay close to the heart of safari action.

Getting to Know Hwange: From Airport to Safari

The transition from landing at Hwange Airport to embarking on a safari is made effortless thanks to the array of accommodation options just a short drive away. These establishments offer more than a night’s rest; they serve as starting points for the forthcoming journey into the wild. Many provide guest transfers, further smoothing the path from the tarmac to the tranquillity of the bush.

Airport Close Accommodations and Their Benefits

Staying at a hotel or lodge near Hwange Airport brings a suite of benefits to the discerning traveller. Besides reducing travel fatigue, guests can enjoy early game drives and extra time to unwind in the serene surroundings. The best Hwange National Park hotels, renowned for their strategic locations, afford visitors the luxury of spontaneity in their safari scheduling, complemented by the comfort and elegance synonymous with Zimbabwean hospitality.

Top 10 Accommodations Near Hwange National Park

Whether seeking the top-tier luxury of the Hwange Safari Lodge or the homely charm of a budget-friendly camp, there is an array of accommodations in Hwange National Park to suit all tastes and preferences. Elegance marries adventure within this prestigious top 10 list, with each lodge offering its unique window into the soul of the Hwange wilderness.

Hwange Safari Lodge: A Few Miles from the Airport

Hwange Safari Lodge exemplifies the seamless union of location and lodging. Merely a few miles from Hwange Airport, this comfortable camp is one of the most easily accessible retreats, inviting travellers to settle into the safari experience promptly upon arrival. Positioned for panoramic views and prolific wildlife encounters, it is an unrivalled choice for those eager to dive into their adventure with minimal delay.

Travel Tips: How to Reach Your Safari Accommodation

To ensure a smooth journey from Hwange Airport to your selected lodge or camp, consider these travel tips: confirm airport transfer services with your accommodation before arrival, schedule your flights to align with the lodge’s check-in times if possible, and embrace the local insight offered by your hosts for an enriched experience. These lodges are places of rest and gateways to the heart of Hwange National Park’s safari realm.


What are the best accommodations in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park?

The 10 best Hwange National Park accommodations include luxury lodges like Linkwasha, Somalisa Expeditions, Davison’s Camp, and Verney’s Camp. If you prefer being closer to nature, try Robins Camp. These accommodations offer excellent services and proximity to the wildlife in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

Can I find hotels in Hwange National Park?

You can find a variety of hotels in Hwange National Park. Many options fit any preference or budget, from luxury camps like Linkwasha and Somalisa Expeditions to more traditional lodges.

What is unique about the Wilderness Linkwasha Lodge in Zimbabwe?

Linkwasha is a luxury camp located in the best part of Hwange National Park. This camp overlooks a beautiful plain and offers guests an unforgettable experience with top-notch services and amenities.

Are there accommodations located outside the Hwange National Park boundary?

Yes, several accommodations are situated just outside the park boundary. Some guests prefer these options as they often offer a different perspective on the beautiful area of Hwange National Park.

Is Victoria Falls close to any accommodations in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe?

Accommodations, such as the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, located just a short distance from Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park, are available. It allows guests to enjoy both spectacular natural wonders in one trip.

What can I expect from Somalisa Expeditions in Hwange National Park?

Somalisa Expeditions is a luxury camp in an exclusive concession south of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. The camp is in a remote, wildlife-rich area, providing a truly immersive safari experience.

Can I do a self-catering trip at Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe?

Some accommodations offer self-catering options for guests who prefer to prepare their meals. However, many luxury camps and lodges also offer meal packages for a more relaxing and hassle-free stay.

Is it possible for me to visit Botswana’s Chobe National Park from Hwange National Park?

It is possible to visit Chobe National Park in Botswana from Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. Some lodges even offer guided tours spanning both parks, providing an extended and diverse safari experience.

Why should I choose accommodations within Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park?

Choosing accommodations within the park allows easy access to wildlife viewing and safari expeditions. Staying in lodges like Linkwasha, Somalisa Expeditions, or Davison’s Camp provides access to exclusive game viewing areas, luxury amenities, and the serene beauty of the park’s landscapes.

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