The Great Excuse Safari: How to Hunt Down Adventure in the Wilds of “I Can’t”

Hello, like-minded adventurers.

You’ve bombarded my inbox with the million-dollar question: “How can you afford to travel so much?” The truth? I juggle a full-time job, a fascination for the uncharted, and a stubborn refusal to accept “I can’t” as part of my vocabulary. So, buckle up as we embark on a safari through the dense jungle of excuses and discover how the allure of African adventures keeps our wanderlust well-fed and passport-stamp-thirsty!

1. The Mythical Beast: “I Don’t Have Time”
The elusive time creature! It’s always just out of reach. But here’s the thing: we all have the same 24 hours. The secret? Prioritize! While others binge-watch the latest series, I’m plotting my next escapade to the Serengeti. It’s not about having time; it’s about making time. Remember, in the wilds of daily life, the early bird gets the worm, and the early planner gets the best flight deals!

2. The Camouflaged Critter: “It’s Too Expensive”
This sneaky excuse loves to blend in with our budget fears. But have you ever noticed how buying that latte every morning is never too expensive? The trick is in the hunt – being a value-savvy explorer. Camping under the African stars, embracing local cuisines (think Ugali and Sukuma Wiki!), and choosing overland travel can stretch your Rand, Dollar, or Euro further than you’d think. It’s not about the depth of your wallet but the richness of your experiences.

3. The Roaring Lion: “It’s Too Dangerous”
The king of all excuses! The world can be scary, but so is crossing the street if you don’t look both ways. You can navigate the savannas of uncertainty with research, common sense, and the right travel insurance. Remember, more people are injured by falling coconuts yearly than by lions. So, unless you’re planning a coconut juggling act, you’ll likely be fine.

4. The Mirage of Comfort: “I’m Not Ready”
This is the desert of procrastination, where many dreams evaporate—waiting for the perfect moment? Well, It doesn’t exist. My first trip was more improvised than a jazz concert. Was it perfect? No. Was it forgettable? Not! Each trip is a learning curve; sometimes, you must dive into the Okavango Delta without checking the temperature first.

5. The Herd Mentality: “What Will People Think?”
Have you ever seen a herd of wildebeest hesitate before a river crossing because of what the zebras might think? Nope. In the grand migration of life, following your path is essential. So, when Aunt Edna raises her eyebrows at your backpacking plans, smile and pack an extra postcard for her.

In conclusion, while sitting there, conjuring up reasons why you can’t embark on an African adventure, remember this: The plains of possibility are just outside your door. I work full-time, but my heart beats to the rhythm of distant drums and the promise of sunrise over Kilimanjaro. Adventure isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way of life. So, stop saying “I wish” and start planning “I will”.

Until next time, keep your compass wild and your spirit free!

P.S. Beware of the coconuts. 🌴😉