A Quick Intro to Us

We are a British / Canadian family of four. The kids are still at primary school and we have been living in various African countries for the past 13 years. The first half of our Africa adventure was in French-speaking West Africa and the latest half has been in southern Africa.

As a family we need to be safe on the roads and be able to get out into the bush in order to really experience the amazing opportunities that surround us. Distances here are large – so journeys are often several days long just to get in or out. Work also has us driving around a lot – a typical work trip might easily be several thousand kilometres!

Whilst we do enjoy an occasional high-end luxury lodge or hotel, we are most comfortable in the real bush where we can camp, treat ourselves to wonderful food and drink, and enjoy peace and quiet away from the masses whilst at the same time experiencing the mind-blowing encounters with wildlife.

Okavango Delta ranks 4th in Lonely Planet ultimate travel destinations list

The Lonely Planet

Our current base of Botswana gives us access to the Okavango Delta, Victoria Falls, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and we don’t miss a chance to get out there and explore.