Building the Ultimate Overlander

This is where this all starts. We’ve built a few awesome overlander / camping rigs in the past and we are now on a mission to build the ultimate one for our needs. In the next few blog posts we are going to take you through the entire process in realtime from choosing the base 4×4 vehicle through to scoping out what additional requirements will have to be met, to sourcing and then building out the ultimate 4×4 overland bush vehicle for our family in Africa.

We will cover:

  • Which vehicle?
  • What specific items will we require to be on the finished vehicle?
  • We will try to do a deep dive review of the leading options for each item and invite feedback from people on their experiences and recommendations.
  • Buying the vehicle and beginning the fit-out.
  • Testing the vehicle and the equipment in the deepest Africa bush.

We will blog and vlog as much of the specific work as possible and try to keep our photo quality high enough to be useful to you all.